Mobile Payment System

We live in an advanced technological age where things are meant to be faster, easier and most important cheaper. Saving money should be the priority of the entrepreneurs who are forward thinkers. Mobile payment systems have become more reliable for businesses today as compared to past. The payment system has been evolving for more than a decade now. Earlier, there used to be just a couple of options for the payment, but it is completely different today. People have a lot of options to select from. Today, we can find such technologies from small boutiques to fast food chains. With payment tools like Intuit’s GoPayment, it has become more flexible for the customers and more cost incentive for business owners. They can use this cash register system to accept payments through almost any smart-phone.

There are other options available in the market, let us have a look at few of those options:

Mineral Tree: MineralTree makes the easiest-to-use mobile and online AP automation software for finance professionals like you. It secures Business Pay™ makes payments easy with 2 way synchronization with your ERP system and business bank account in one simple interface.

PaySimple: All in one integrated system for payment acceptance, managing customers. It handles mapping payments to customers and accepts credit cards, eChecks on your smartphone.

Chargify: Easily manage your subscription and let your relationship with recurring billing customers last for years. It keeps all subscriber activity and your cash flow running smoothly.

Square: It is simple and easy to use. A free credit card reader allows anyone to accept credit cards anywhere, anytime, for a low transaction fee.

Flint: With flint, you can start accepting credit cards with your smartphone in minutes. No extra hardware is required. You can scan or insert credit card details without having to worry about the hardware failure.

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